The Kinder Community Pledge

During these challenging times, we can find comfort in knowing that courageous progress has been initiated during times of great division.

Right now, we have an opportunity to become an even better community.

We offer this pledge as a way to join our neighbors in a personal commitment to actively promote increased positive connections between community members.

In times of discord or anxiety, may this pledge motivate us to remember our common desire for safety, justice, and mutual respect, and our ability to show strength and wisdom when challenged.

“I Pledge to show Respect, Compassion, and Courage in my Community.”

Click here to Sign the Pledge.

If you are unable to log in, you can email us your name, town & state to be added manually to the pledge list. Please log in, if possible, as this site is 100%-volunteer run.

*Please click here to download Kinder Community Pledge copies to inspire and remind yourself and others.

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Please read the pages highlighted above, then type your name, town, & state in this comment box to sign the pledge.

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