Each person is of equal importance to all others and each of our lives would be better if our community welcomed and protected all of our neighbors.

fhijwobodrs-nathan-andersonI will strive to:

  • Recognize my own worth and treat all others as equals, with civility, courtesy and respect
  • Remember that my neighbors are not my enemies, and that all members of my community are my neighbors
  • Speak to people as though their lives matter
  • Overcome the differences that seem to separate us and instead learn from each other
  • Discourage jokes or remarks that assault another’s dignity
  • Assume good intentions whenever possible
  • Offer another way of looking at things when I want to promote a change of mind, remembering that each of my neighbors carries his or her own complicated story and life experience
  • Be aware of what I’m communicating, verbally and non-verbally. (For example, my facial expression can show indifference, judgment, or acceptance.)

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